A home for every phase of your life.

As a REALTOR®, I believe it is my job to ensure that clients are fully involved and fully informed. I want them to have all the data needed to make the best real estate decisions for themselves and their families.


First Time
Home Buyers

I love working with first time home buyers! It’s an exciting time, helping someone define their dream house. But it can also be stressful, which is why I offer:

FREE CONSULTS via phone or in person

SEMINARS on buying your first home

TIMELINES on the key steps involved

AN ESSENTIALS LIST for your dream home search

MARKETING & SALES strategy sessions

BUDGETING scenarios and perspective

LOCATION ADVICE for various budgets

WEALTH BUILDING TIPS via real estate

Ali was hands-down essential…from the get-go, she made sure I was comfortable with the process.”



A new house can often come with the transition to a new job — both high on the stress scale!  Further complicating things, every state has its own buying process.

I love helping people navigate the confusion and discover the right area for them in my home state. Because I cover such a wide territory, I am confident I can find what you need!

Ali found the best community in our price range!


Homes in

After my father passed, I started focusing on home probate sales. I know how emotionally charged this process can be.

I want to help handle this burden for my clients. Based on my success helping numerous clients (and family), I’ve developed a simple 3-step process:


A short phone call
where I learn about your specific property and go over the steps in a probate sale.


A quick property tour
where I also present my comparable market analysis with recommended pricing.


A strategy meeting
to discuss the pro/cons of private versus public sales, as well as marketing and sales strategies.






Selling your current place to buy a bigger one?

Based on my experience, 90% of individuals who are buying their next home have to sell their current home in order to fund it. It’s important to work with the same agent on both transactions, so that there is no loss of communication.

Part of the reason I cover such a large territory is so I can help my clients during any life stage. Whether you sell or buy first depends on your own circumstances and price points. I pride myself on personally creating a plan tailored to your unique situation.




There can be excitement around downsizing—it’s a new lease on life—no more grass to mow!  But it can also be bittersweet. You are leaving the special place where you raised your children and created many memories.

I’m there to help you navigate the process and channel those emotions into a smooth transition. For those who feel overwhelmed by it all—such as prepping the home for sale—I provide complete solutions. I call them “home distribution plans,” where if need be,  I go through your entire house and disseminate the contents according to your wishes.

For those preparing for retirement—who want to reduce or eliminate their cost of living—I analyze the home sale with that in mind.  I will help you determine the next best property, in order to achieve those goals.

Ali helped us ensure our next life phase can be funded…at the same level of happiness!



Senior Citizens

When a senior is moving out of their home to an assisted living facility, it can be very emotional for everyone involved. Often a family home filled with memories is being sold, which can be a heart wrenching process.

It is important to work with someone who honors the magnitude of this sale and can help the family manage it all — dealing with a lifetime of memories and related items.


The home’s inventory may include furniture that needs to be donated, sold as antiques, or used in staging it. The home itself may need analysis to determine ROI for any improvements.  

I am also very focused on helping maximize this type of sale because these proceeds are typically used for the seniors’ next phase in life.

There are many different layers to this type of home sale, and my team and I are well versed in dealing with them.

…seniors have laid the groundwork for our lives today… and should be cherished.


Period Home Restoration

I have a passion for old homes — my husband and I own a 1920s era house. It needed a lot of renovations, but I had a vision for what was possible. I added modern amenities while still retaining the charm and integrity of the historical period. Now I do the same for my clients!

For those looking for a historical home, I come prepared with renovation scenarios. My aim is to keep the character of the home, while increasing its usability and value.  

For those trying to sell an older home, I am well versed in what buyers want to see, and how best to show the home. Whether that is staging it, minimally updating it, or helping renovate it, so that the new owners can see that it will stand the test of time.



I entered real estate as an investor. I had specific personal goals of cash flow as well as capital expansion techniques. My knowledge and experience in this realm is not just personal, it’s been a proven ROI for my clients.


®2020 Ali Joyce

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